What We Do

Fresh Custom Meats
Tired of packing lunches for your family with boring sandwiches made of processed lunchmeats full of fatty meat by-products and unhealthy nitrates? Victoria Fancy Sausage 2007 Ltd, serving Edmonton the best in custom meats and homemade sausages for more than 25 years, gives you a fresh and delicious alternative.
Deli and Sausages
Family owned and operated, Victoria Fancy Sausage makes every meat and deli product we sell right in our store. We make sure you take the highest quality custom meats, deli items and hot foods home to your family. We also offer the perfect place to stop in for great sandwich and sides for lunch. Victoria Fancy Sausage is first and foemost a sausage maker, producing traditional Ukrainian, Dutch and German sausages, among others.
Game and Meat Processing
If you are a hunter in need of a butcher to process your venison for the winter, Victoria Fancy Sausage 2007 Ltd custom cuts and wraps all kinds of wild game and domestic meats. Also, savor an original-taste treat with our custom meat curing and smoking, or create your own meat packages to order.

Hours of Operation

Monday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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